About Us

Do You Need A Translation Company To Deliver Your Translation Projects Exactly When You Need Them?

For TranslatiON TIME, your time is precious and we guarantee the delivery of your projects as per the agreed timelines, without any quality loss.

Do You Need A Translation Company To Respect Your Confidentiality And To Deliver You High Quality Translations?

TranslatiON TIME works with translators who have over 12 years translation experience in Europe and in North America. We guarantee for the translations quality which are always adapted to the document type and context, while also protecting your confidentiality.

Our portfolio comprises translations from various domains: technical, medical, financial, insurance, telecommunications, IT, automobiles, chemical, legal, marketing, including user guides and software, as well as movies and documentaries subtitling and interpretation and DTP (Desktop Publishing) services. This way, TranslatiON TIME will deliver high quality translations, always on time.

Do You Need A Translation Company To Meet All Your Needs With Flexible Offers?

Please send us an offer request. TranslatiON TIME will meet all your needs as per commonly agreed terms (languages, deadline, domain, difficulty of the translation and other options).

Do You Need A Translation Company To Give You Maximum Transparency Regarding Our Procedures And Resources?

TranslatiON TIME works exclusively with internationally-certified software and uses terminological data bases approved by the competent global bodies. We have implemented various procedures which we can send our clients for maximum transparency.
In a world where automated translation tends to replace human translation, we can guarantee that our translations are made, revised and proofread by certified translators, so we can deliver optimum results.